Monday, February 21, 2011

Slow breezes

For some reason Saturday's post was saying it was done on Friday and Sunday's completely disappeared. Blogger's being wonky again. I had to cut this entire section off. I had made a mistake on one of the butterflies and was unable to retro-tat it. No worries though, I thought of doing some of them in black and some in white to make it a bit easier to make them out. I hope it looks pretty in the end.

These are the only shuttles I allowed myself to get this year with my part of our 'bonus'. I am tempted to order another two cards of those SewMates. While I love the fact we have a second vehicle, I'd be a liar if I didn't say I was a disappointed with how much we had to spend on it. No complaining..I told myself, I keep telling myself. I did get a nice little book in the mail today. It is Yarnplayer's Boutique Tatting! I got it for one pattern...The Duchess necklace on the cover. I was debating between that and her newest book and in the end, I really wanted to make that necklace.

There are still six days left to toss your name in the hat for the Fantasia piece I'm making. The deadline is March 1st.


  1. All those shuttles ! I love getting new shuttles (and am waiting on mine to arrive)

    I really had to LOL when I read that you bought the Boutique Tatting for the Duchess necklace (it's an awesome pattern, BTW)

    A friend of mine gifted me that book for my birthday because she absolutely loved the cover (and she doesn't tat)

    Hope you enjoy your copy as much as I do mine. I'm actually in the process of making another Duchess necklace - I should have a post about it soon

    Take care
    Give the baby a kiss for me!

  2. I have to put my name in the hat. I almost missed this.