Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is how far I've gotten along on the fan. Not too bad considering I've been working on this between errands, er, while waiting on people while playing taxi with the new van. I did make a trip to our local swap meet this morning with my mother and older daughter. I came away with four rolls of Omega rayon thread for about $5. I was debating getting it since it's much thicker than what I'm used to working with but the price nudged me to get it. My mother told me that it was a good deal and I could use it for crocheting not just tatting. I opened up one of them and it feels like a tighter wound version of size 10 thread. It definately has a stiffer feel to it than I've ever worked with.
I got this verigated blue, red, purple, and a light mintish green. By the end of the day I had added a six pack of crochet hooks and I was told that I would need Fray Check when starting to work with this thread because it tends to unravel and fray. Then again the person working it was crocheting not tatting with it. Anyone who's tatted with this thread, please send along suggestions of working with it. If you have a blogger and posted pictures of your work, drop me a link. I would love to see how this works up.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Omega thread for its sturdiness and vibrant color. My most recent tatted projects were done with it ( The necklaces and earrings keep their shape easier. The Omega thread with metallic thread in it can be rough on your fingers as you tat. It's true that it doesn't hold a knot very well when you go to end a motif. The knot loosens easily, so you have to make sure you secure it well. I have had good success with holding the knot near a heat source until it melts. I'm not sure that working the ends in by itself will hold it. A dab of glue on the knot works, too. I hope that helps!

  2. I have worked with Omega Thread I tatted a dragonfly and it turned out great I liked how it tatted up. I love the colours they have. If you want to see it visit my blog Typstatting and go to Monday Oct 11 2010. Let me know how you went!

  3. I've used that thread for Kumihimo braids, but not for tatting. It'll be interesting to read how it works for you.

  4. Oh oh! Looks like something we carried for a while where I work and boy - it is slippery! I tried tatting with it and found it frustrating - but then, I am very impatient!

    Also, I found it helpful to keep the roll in a plastic sandwich bag with just the working part coming out of the bag, as the thread tangles like crazy!

    You do have some pretty colours there, so i hope it works out all right for you. Good luck. Let us know what happens with it.
    Fox : )

  5. I have never tatted with this product, since it is more like a nylon than a cotton, but I have crocheted a lot with it, and I don't use freycheck on it, I use a lighter on the ends, and I can tell you, it crochets up wonderfully. You know all those little crochet purses you see in walmart? it crochets up just like those. I can't give any advice on how it will tat up, but you know a tatter, we can tat with anything :) I just haven't done it with this. again, it does make very sturdy bags and purses when crocheted though :D