Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This was taken with my Ipod touch my oldest daughter gave me yesterday. It's a trial run with the Omega thread. The pattern is from Pam over at www.Totusmel.blogspot.com it's her mask pattern she so graciously shares. It seems I'm unable to do the nice linkage in classic mode of blogger, and the newer one freezes on me so for the time being I have to type out the entire web address, such a hassel. My experience with this nylon thread so far:
1. the colors are beyond beautiful and shiny although the thread feels a bit chunky and very stiff in my hands.
2. you do have to hide your threads a bit further than normal. I'm used to just sewing in the ends into 2 or 3 stitches. With this, I had to double that because it would 'slip' out if not done correctly.
3. You have to tat a bit looser than normal. Not too loose because then it looks sloppy. The twists in the thread force you to tat with a bit of slack otherwise closing a ring can be a major headache. Chains don't matter but rings..gotta add a bit of slack.
4. It will unravel quickly from the roll so you have to keep an eye on it. You can't just throw it in the thread box, it'll create havoc.
5. If you pull too fast on the thread, you can get a burn like a carpet burn on your fingers. Ahh, friction, it creates alot of it.
I didn't 'burn' the ends because I'm afraid the work will literally go up in flames. That's too much work to take a chance on. Also I haven't used the Fray Check either. I just hid the ends in 4 Double stitches and it seems to hold well enough.

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