Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's my son's 3rd birthday. I hope he enjoyed himself, I was stuck running errands so I didn't get much time with him. Since he's staying the weekend with his grandmother, I won't see him until Monday. Funny when they're underfoot you just wish for some time for yourself, but the moment they go, you wish they were underfoot again. Or maybe that's just me. We did get one major item checked off our must-do-it-soon list...we bought a van. It's used but very roomy and so far, my machanic father in law says we did good and got a great deal on it. Now we just have to get used to driving such a big thing.
Tatting has nothing accomplished. I did get in some thread I won on ebay to try out. It's Brazillian Lane Borgosesia and I thought I read it was comparable to US size 20 thread. It looks like pearl size 8 but it is twisted a bit tighter. It would be great for crocheting but we'll see how well it holds up to tatting. It's quite a bit of yardage I got, almost 1100 and it's 100% cotton, so no throwing it in a hot wash and I gotta watch the dryer settings..I also won some Altin Basak thread in size 30 purple but I'm still waiting for that to come in. I've never tatted with these 'foreign' threads so I'm trying my hand at them..

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