Thursday, March 3, 2011

Broken Glass

No tatting lesson today for my coworker. I had to leave work, I got a call from my daughter that someone was trying to break into the house. Apparently they had broken into the same room yesterday and made off with some expensive game consoles and all their accessories. The police of course said there was nothing they could do and we should get a better alarm system. Wow, thanks for nothing jerks! Okay, I'm just upset by it. My daughter wasn't hurt except her foot where she stepped on a rock chasing after them. Dumb move on her part, but she's the type that if you encroach on her territory you will pay the consequences. She's also the reason I won't allow any guns in the house, even pellet guns, she'll use them! After all the hoopla had ended I wound a pair of the new SewMates to start yet another UFO, okay to calm my I'm not happy with the points on the SewMates. I'm not much of a fan for pointy shuttles anyways, but the points on these are dangerous. They are very sharp for being plastic. I was going to find some sandpaper and nueture them, but couldn't find the paper. I am tempted to use a nail file but not sure if I should go that route. Anyone out there neutered their plastic shuttles? Any pearls of wisdom to pass along on this topic? Tomorrow will be my final early morning rising, and this will be for some of the training I must complete before I can reclaim my postition at work. A group of us have to travel out of town for it, time to pack up a few shuttles to kill the time. So with a much deserved goodnight, I'm off to bed.


  1. How scary! I'm glad no one was hurt.

    I've found that my Sew Mates with points aren't nearly as lethal since I decoupaged them. However, I still prefer my Sew Mates with no points.

  2. I vastly prefer shuttles with a point (I love sewmates). But did you know you can get Sewmates without a point? Lacis has them.