Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contest Winner!

Sorry about the has taken advantage of me yet again... For the Fantasia Fan winner....lucky number 8, which turns out to be.... Sharon D! Please email me your mailing address to imoshenshadows (at) and I will send your fan on it's way on Monday. This is Honey's let's go kill ourselves hiking for amusement weekend. No not really we are heading to Magic Mountain, just he and I, and it's very hilly here in California. I did pull up a runner up...John! So if you'd like to also pass me a mailing address, I have a suprise tatting piece for you. *wink, wink* I'll post pictures of the completed fan on Monday since this is our 'getaway' weekend and I seriously doubt Honey is going to let me near a computer. We are supposed to be going healthy so that means lots of exercising..ugh, not what I had in mind.


  1. I have read this more then once and still do not believe I won.
    Thanks for making my weekend.

  2. grats Sharon :) you are very lucky to have such a wonderful prize :)