Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gotta catch all..again

One of the many UFO's I have..this is Totusmel's Mask being made with Omega #2 nylon thread. I've added some Sarvosky's crystals but they blend in too much to make out. Or at least it seems that way to my eyes. I have the next 2 days off..Whoohoo! Tomorrow of course will be all house business, the lawn, laundry, other boring stuff that needs to get done, but Friday is not only 'do what you want babe, I'll send the kids to my mom's.' but it's also that magic word..Payday. No not the candy bar..*giggles* I pulled that one on Honey one time too many and now he just tunes it out. I replaced my stolen Nintendo DSLite with the limited edition Pokemon Black version which included the game and a neat carry bag. Here let me include a picture for those not video-geeky.. I like how it's etched with the two 'legendary' pokemon from the version. You can take pictures with it and get online so now I can blog wherever I can find a WiFi signal without having to use my phone. Options are always nice to have. ^_^ I have to find a way to tat some pokemon..they're simple enough shapes and can be so cute.
This is my," Must always carry a pair of shuttles with me like my life dependend on it, or at least my sanity." Kit. Or my Tisk...tatting in-sanity kit. Last year when we went to Dineyland I purchased a few of these key chain coin tins. That little motif is Anne's shuttle design made specifically for the Epoxy or Tatted Shuttles being made by the Shuttle Shop over in The Tatting Forums (there's a button to the right if you are interested). I made it with the size 20 thread so I have a size reference for the actual design I plan on having made into shuttles. I never seem to have a measuring tape when I need it, this way I know if I'm too large or have wiggle room to spare.
That EZbob is all that is left of the blue size 50 Alltin thread. I also have a pair of shuttles fully loaded and I am just looking for the right pattern to make with it. The motif in the bangel is a pattern I got online. I'm trying to find the link I used, I piggy-backed to the site via Gina's bloglost and didn't save the link into my own. Rats! That's being made with 2 strands of rayon thread in Deep Purple and well, I can't remember the name of the other one, both DMC floss. There is a final row to add which I plan to attach to the actual bangel and transform that motif into a suncatcher. Maybe add some beads to bling it out a bit.

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