Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I won some tatting tools from ebay. These are the pair of olive wood shuttles along with a ball of size 50 alltin bashak thread. The blue is so bright and beautiful. The shuttle tips dont touch on the shuttles, it may have something to do with how they were carved. So while they are usable, more than likely these will join my GR8 shuttle and be for display only. It's a shame because the feel nice in my hands. Tomorrow starts my coworker's tatting lessons during our breaks, she's excited, I'm excited for her and we are both tired from the physical demands of inventorying the store. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


  1. your new shuttles look beautiful

    I'm looking forward to an update on today's lesson.

  2. Pretty shuttles! The look similar to a pair I won on eBay. My tips don't meet either, but I'm using them just the same. I just drop my tatting and let it spin instead of dropping the shuttle. ; )