Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In then out

Quickie post to let everyone know that I will be drawing the winner's name (with help from a random number generator) in two days time. I don't have any pictures of the current work since I'm posting from work *evil giggles* But I have reached the outer flowers on the fan, all that is left is the edging and few of those flowers. Oh and hiding ends of course. I also have a rush doily set request from one of the gentlemen at work. He asks for a medium sized doily for an end table and two coasters that match it. I thought of doing Marlee Rockley's (Yarnplayer) Arches in the size 10 for the doily and two smaller in matching colors but using size 30 for the coasters. He needs it by Friday. Hmmmm, two days to get it done, can I do it? If the kids give me peace, or at least Honey distracts them long enough. ^_^

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