Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old habits die hard

I was cleaning out one of the small drawers I have tatting collecting in and I discovered something about myself. I do alot of repetition. I kept repeating certain tatting patterns over and over no matter how many times I've UFO'd them or actually completed them. How many of us out there in tatland do the same thing? There is a doily pattern by Jan Stawasz that I do mostly because of one of the motifs is so easy to split ring climb out of. I have 4 different shuttle pairs with this in various colors and sizes. Then we have Pamela aka Totusmel's mask. I have done this a total of four times but only finished it twice. One of those UFO's is in the blue Omega and the other is in green crochet size 10 thread. Let us not forget that I have 3 of Tatbit's patterns in progress. One of them being the Fantasia fan, which I have remade twelve times! 12! And now thanks to my recent acquisition of her book, I have Yarnplayer's Duchess necklace which I have started four times in different thread colors and sizes. Some with some without beads. So I throw the question out there....What are your four most repeated patterns?

1 comment:

  1. stumpy, stumpy, any simple 6 or 8 chain and ring repeat center piece, and stumpy

    I have made hundreds of stumpies in all different sizes and colors, some I even added an extra repeat to make them longer, lol little buggers are addictive

    the other, I seem to always start everything I do with a 6 or 8 chain and ring center, I am trying to break away from that and be more original
    though now.