Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some ranting then some raving

No pictures today, or at least for these early hours of the morning. I've tried to get some tatting done, but haven't made much progress on that end. One week back and I'm already being taken advantaged of at work. Don't people realize that I have a new baby, which means I'll be up 75% of the time during hours people normally get to sleep? They have me closing one night then returning to open the next morning which equals to a 6 hour time gap (not counting driving time) in which I step out those doors until I have to be back through them. ARGH! In reality I get maybe an hour or 2 to get actual sleep. I tried switching shifts with some of the people there, but they're all new and have no clue on the actual opening/closing procedures, and as such, cannot switch shifts. I blame work for my caffeine addiction. The coworker who wanted to learn tatting, we have yet to start a lesson. I had to go on a training road trip from work on Saturday. On the way back I did show another lady how to do the basic double stitch. Once I said 'it's like a cow hitch' the light dawned for her, did I mention she does alot of fishing? She did however keep making the stitches in reverse order, like if making the second half of the split ring. It was still possible to close the ring, but it took a bit of fandangling to get it to do so. She also gave me some input that had me thinking I should use different shuttles for teaching. I was using a pair of the new SewMates I got on ebay, and those points are very sharp! She jabbed herself a couple of times, band-aids were needed. I'm definately going to have to sand down those points. They're pretty useless anyways, at least for me. I had another pair loaded and was working with Omega thread and all the points did was bend back and forth. I was so fraustrated with it I just pulled the needle threader and used that to do the join. I ruined the needle threader but was able to complete the ring! I did order two more cards, but they seem to only come in the 5 pack with points. Those will definately get neutured when they arrive. For what amounts to $2/shuttle, I don't mind sanding, plus I enjoy the feel of the SewMates in my hand, at least without points..lol.


  1. I like the points but even on new clovers they are like daggers. I usually have little gashes in my hand until they wear down or I sand them slightly. Sure are good for unpicking a stitch though so I don't sand a lot. Just enough to take the edge off. Sew Mates are larger than clovers. My hands are small so I stick with the clovers but I do like the sewmates. I just have to allow for the size if I use them.

  2. You can get Sewmates without the point! They feel the same as the pointy ones and are NOT dangerous!
    Fox : )

  3. thanks ladies for the info. passing of knowledge is always appreciated.