Saturday, April 30, 2011

4/27ths post

I can’t post through the regular blogger area so I’m

going to try using another way to get my words out there.

Here’s the post from 4/27 that seems to be stuck on draft



Just recently found myself in a weird momentum. Well that’s not

quite the right word but I can’t seem to find a better way to describe

it. You see, I was loading shuttles but not actually doing anything with it.

Just loading and unloading them for the sake of loading and unloading.’

I think it’s because it gives me a false sense of working on my tatting without

actually making it. I have plenty to choose from on my To Do List of patterns

but I haven’t had the energy or really time to start a project.


To try and move on, I went to a pair of shuttles that had the nylon thread that

burned my fingers. I used another pattern by Yarnplayer’s  Boutique pattern book

to empty them. I didn’t quite finish the pattern since I ran out of thread but it did

serve it’s purpose since the shuttles are now empty.3ds pics 064

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