Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ever have one of those weeks when all is perfect roses and cake only to have it turn to weeds and asperagess a few days later? That my dear friends is the story of these few past weeks. It started with the damage to my new game system, not a big deal the manufacter fixed it for free. Then it moved on to freakish weather which ended up blowing a few power boxes and as a direct result of that, the frying of the motherboard to my laptop. (other damages occurred but this was the only one that directly affected my little world). Next on the list was work related, let's skip that dark chapter and just say I am both mentally and physical worn out. Thus we reach one of the two finales...a gift package was returned completely mangled and barely recognizable. I did however get some pearls of wisdom from my new postal lady on how to ship things and avoid this drama. The other being, having to replace two of the cell phones in my home. The phones I'll just replace via ebay but the gift was last month's fan giveaway. I was livid when I saw it..all the time and effort put into something..and all this time I thought it had been recieved and was being enjoyed by its new owner. I did have the foresight to have it insured so while I await reimbursment, I have to start again on a new one. I hope Sharon doesn't mind waiting a bit longer for her prize. One positive did happen..I bought a lottery ticket and actually won on it! Okay it was just enough to treat myself and a friend to a nice lunch.


  1. I feel your pain! I was horrified when I saw my mangled package in my mailbox. Luckily, I had another blinged shuttle ready to go, and the paper inside was easily replaced. Still, I was sure that my package would arrive safely. I did not insure my package. Live and learn!

  2. I don't mind waiting longer. Take your time there is no rush. Do it as time allows. At least you know I didn't get it and forgot to let you know. Hope you have a great weekend.