Monday, April 25, 2011

I hope everyone's had a wonderful holiday. We did for the most part. Work has become a thorn in my tatting side as it barely allows me enough time to relax and get sleep everyday. This crazy scheduling trial is going to be the end of my sanity..if I wanted to spend so much time there I would have accepted the full time position. Okay no more whining. I tried emptying a pair of shuttles that had the nylon thread on it but it burned my fingers. Ouch. I need to stock back up on my size 20 thread..all that's left is 10 or 80. I need something in between. Here's a picture from our easter get together with my G~mom in laws. I start to use my family leave bonding time on the 1st so I hope to get more tatting time in then. My daughter still sleeps most of the day away so time I will have. I have a larger project in mind but I will need to stock up on alot of thread, but I haven't decided weither to use 20 or 30. It's all about asthetics...


  1. That's a cool picture! I hope things settle down at work for you quickly. My daughter is very unhappy with her job. Is it the time of year or something else? Enjoy your family!

  2. What a fabbo photo of you and the little one. She looks so thoughtful here. Very sweet.
    Fox : )