Thursday, April 14, 2011

I promised pictures and here is a few. First off we have the Arches doily by Yarnplayer. It was done with size 80 DMC thread. Then there is the modified Green Knots motif I did by removing one section off the bookmark. These threads were dyed by Yarnplayer but I don't recall the size off the multicolor one. The greens is her Celery thread size 80. I added a stablizing picot to the side clovers hoping to get rid of the flismy float of the outer chain. I did have a bit of a problem with the weaving of the rings. I also shrunk the connecting ring of the center motif to a simple 3 join 3 to help reduce the size. This is the second motif for my epoxy shuttles I'm having made.I still am working on finishing up the Duchess necklaces and the retatting of the Fantasia fan. Work beacons so off I go..

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