Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let’s play some games with my mind

I began by finishing off the nylon thread in a pair of sewmates. Then I moved on with some mystery thread with no label.  It

could be size 30 or even pearl 12..I do know that it is a ball of DMC thread because it’s the only brand I buy in this ball size.    IMG0002

It’s like an off white, maybe you can call it eggshell. But then again it could just be

an old ball so it’s been discolored with age. In any event I was loaded and ready to Tat! I began with the first of the motifs

I was thinking of using for the long shrug/ cape/ caplet, er, whatever you wish to label it.image This pattern is from Book 43 from  Anne Orr. Some of you out there may not know but she is not the actual designer. She was more like a publisher who had

patterns printed in a collection, so we will never know who the true designer of the patterns were. Still thanks to her collecting

and distributing we have all these wonderful ‘antique’ patterns to play with. Back on focus here….I read through the pattern

a couple of times trying to get a feel as to where I can split ring or chain climb so as to avoid hiding unnecessary ends. Evil

little I moved on to making one motif. Next part was to visualize how long to make each rectangle and

what would be the most industrious way to make strips. You know, so as to cut down on the tatting time, and shrinking the

time spent fighting those little evil creatures (thread ends). IMG0004   It was suggested I simply use the size 10 crochet thread,

but I chose not to go that route because I’m not a big fan of the chunky look the thread gives me. At least not for this particular

project, remember it’s supposed to be whimsy and it’s hard to get that effect with a thick product. After annoying said good will wisher

I continued looking through other pattern books I have for more motifs I may like to incorporate or use instead. I haven’t tatted samples of

all of those yet but at least I have a list to work off of. Honestly it’s only like 3 patterns but I still have alot of PDF’s to go through.

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