Sunday, April 10, 2011

They must be delusional

That sums up what my new management team is a work. Intentions are good, but you know what they say about the path that leads to... They have the entire sales staff (me included) working six (6!) days starting tomorrow. It's to test a new 'scheduling program' to find a more efficient way to keep plently of us around for the customers. Nice theory, bad practice. They figure shorter shifts so we don't burn out but more days so where still here to help people. Personally I rather work 3 eight hour shifts and have four days off than six four hour days and only have one whole day to myself. *shrugs* I suppose I have to just go with the flow until this particular wind blows out of their sails...( pun
So now instead of carrying one pair of shuttles in my Tisk, I'll now be carrying at least three. I know I'll have time now to tat since I'll be wasting, er, having at least two hours every day between my job and Honey's before the kids get picked up. I did start making the Green Knots Bookmark for my epoxy shuttles (I still have to do this, I can't believe it) and shorten some of the longer chains but it doesn't fall correctly so I'll just add some stablizing picots and do it as the instructions dictate.
I also have to wind up my tatsy's with black and white thread to redo the Fantasia fan that got mangled. I must remember to put two pieces of cardboard around the fan and put that into a bubble wrap envelope to protect it. I didn't do the cardboard so when they ran it through their sorter, it munched on the envelope. Pearls of wisdom, hard won. I should have some new tatting pictures to show in about four days. One of which will be the Duchess by Yarnplayer. Both the naked and the blinged out versions.

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  1. I like the patterns on that green knots page. I wish they were in English. I used the google translator and I can probably work it out when I have time. I also tried to follow the 4 ring and Y ring explanations but couldn't...yet. Hope your work sitch sorts out soon. Seems to be a lot of that going around, and hopefully they will depend heavily on the input they get from all the workers.