Monday, May 2, 2011

Here is the first part of the second motif. There is supposed to be small 3 ring triangles in the corners that act as connectors between motifs. It took all day but I did manage to wind a pair of shuttles with the Parchment thread without having to cut it. Yeah! This second potential motif was from Clarks ONT book 159, it's the chair back pattern. I gave up on the last rectangular piece because it would required serious blocking to get it to lay down right. Anything that would require blocking won't work when you think of the scale of the entire project. Now I'm off to make the third potential motif. Tomorrow I plan on spending the day making fans so I have to get my act together. That means another trip to the craft store. Isn't amazing how making little projects can work wonders on calming your nerves?

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