Monday, May 23, 2011

Let’s make a connection

rosary chain   I was looking at some Ankars jewelry and picked some of the motifs that drew my eye for this inspiration. Now I mentioned that I liked the chaining of the previous rosary I started but didn’t like the fact the beads were supported by the chain and not the inner ring. I moved them inside and I have to say it looks better to me. That larger piece is supposed to be the large bead to the ten smaller ones, but I think on this, perhaps I should have left that outer chain leaf thingy off and just kept the the center with the beads. It would make a lovely pair of earrings, no? All it needs is a jump ring on top and the earring hoops and poof all done. Here’s how it looks with the cross I’ve done (ignore the color play, I didn’t have blue crystal/beads in the correct size)

rosary trial 1

I think that with just the simple ring and chain on the side it should coordinate well enough together. The color requested for this particular rosary was purple-ish. I had these lovely wine colored beads from so long ago that I never had tried. The thread on the chain is different, it’s size 20 Cebelia not 30 like in the cross. I might just have to redo the cross, simplified of course. Well let’s just see where this path takes me. It’s a good thing I have time to make this and am not being rushed. ^_^

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