Thursday, May 5, 2011

Something old is new again

Photo05031622This piece is what drew me to this particular pattern. It is a hanky piece from Coats book 229. And now we have the corner piece completed. I didn’t continue on with the connecting edging because I had no hanky to attach to. Doing so seemed redundant. I suppose the top piece wouldn’t look so floppy if it was actually attached to something. *giggles* Now on the left side I attached that side scroll piece exactly as the directions stated. On the right you can see the improvement. I only made one of the small flower cluster beforehand, the one on the top. As I worked the piece I kept referring to the picture to mentally map out split ring climb outs. There was a grand total of 4 ends to hide verses the 9 I would have if I followed the instructions as they were written.

coats corner pattern

One thing that was done is where the chains are connected to the side of the flowers, those are split rings. It was a bit tricky at first, but by split ringing 3+5-5/3 I was able to do the chains without having that extra thread dangling loose. It also helped to solidify the piece together.


Today is my oldest child’s birthday. She has been less than the ideal child lately so we thought a change of venue would benefit her. One thing we planned was to go to Disneyland and California Adventure for the birthday weekend and she would be allowed to bring a friend. That plan is no longer going to happen. We will still go to California Adventure tomorrow but won’t be doing the whole weekend thing. Also she isn’t allowed to bring a friend as well. Hopefully she won’t be too ungrateful, especially considering  we originally planned to cancel the entire trip. For whatever reason, I tend to accomplish quite a bit of tatting on road trips. At least ones where I’m not driving. *giggles* Let’s see what tomorrows trip yields.

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