Thursday, May 19, 2011


I didn’t go any further on that rosary. It occurred to me that perhaps I was starting it at the wrong end. I thought to start with the cross then work my way up the chain. I tried several times to add beads to the center of a heart shaped ring but it didn’t sit right or the ring was next to impossible to close.

I moved to the cross. I did a random search for crosses or triangular motifs I could join into the cross shape. I found one by Yarnplayer that I based this current cross off of.

gmom cross

I still have to work the final arm and already I found room for improvement. For starters there needs to be some stabilizing picots added to keep the arms from moving too much. Also to help keep it from breaking off. The end pieces are a bit heavy. Then again I’m using Swarovski crystals in this piece so it will have some weight to it. It will definitely need to be starched to keep shape. I’m using size 30 thread and it’s measuring around 4 inches from top point to bottom point. ( I have to find my measuring tape)

After finishing the cross I need to come up with a design for the beads that will compliment without complicating the cross. Somehow I don’t think a simple split ring with a centered bead will work. Current time spent on this work…all day Wednesday.

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