Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Try outs

These are the motifs I’ve managed to get done.


The one on the left is from Clarks tatting book 159. It’s pattern 7341 and part of the chair set. The center one is from Coats book 229. It’s a hanky corner pattern, I only managed to finish the scroll before the kids demanded my attention. I like the scroll bit and there is still a few more motifs to add to finish it.Photo05031622_1

The last one on the right is Quatrain by Frivole. I love this pattern, the simple clean lines, plus the obvious lack of picots makes it a much more desirable pattern. All these are made with Yarnplayers size 80 Parchment thread. The only drawback is the time involved with making each individual motif. That’s going to be a lot of motifs I’ll have to make.

Then I got side tracked and was sent on a tatting mission to make an old pattern. The directions are, like most patterns of that particular time, confusing in the terminology. Too bad there isn’t an update button you can click and the terminology is magically changed to what we use today. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? The doily is called Hearts Doily and is being offered for free on Craftown.com for those who are interested. Here’s my steps on starting on motif. 12



It isn’t finished (I seem to be saying that a lot right now) but you get the basic idea. Yes, I made a mistake and that ring on the top of the last motif on the right side isn’t supposed to be there. I got distracted and repeated the wrong steps. I didn’t do the center ring first as the instructions said. That center ring was a ring off chain from the first motif. I was trying to avoid hiding threads again. *giggles*

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