Monday, May 16, 2011

An unexpected request

This past weekend we had two family birthdays, my Gmom in laws and my sister in laws. At the gathering I overheard a conversation by some older ladies and some of the ‘teenagers’. Apparently there’s a new fad going on here where I live and it concerns rosaries. So the kiddies where asking if the ladies could ‘make some’ with ‘customizations’. I was drawn into the conversation when I mentioned have run across a tatted pattern. The guys looked at me like I was crazy but the girls where intrigued by the lace. So now I have an order for about half a dozen rosaries of varying designs and colors. I don’t know how I managed to agree to do this. I have other projects I’m already working on, but then again it could be that I just got caught up in the excitement of creation in the moment.


I began by googling for patterns already made. I only found 3. You would think there would be more since most lacey items we make are for special occasions and such. Correction make that 4, one is for a thumb version of a rosary, but that’s not what was requested so I skipped that. Next step was to actually start making one of the patterns. This one is a pattern that was cleaned up by Kersti from Intatters. I printed this pattern out oh four years ago(?memory is sketchy at best and the ink is faded on  the paper).


While I like the chain and bead on the outer row, I think that the larger bead should have more stability. Perhaps by centering it in the ring instead of having it hanging off the chain. Granted the beads I’m using are just a trial run to see how large I will need them to be. Also I’m testing the thread size to make sure the rosary can actually be of sufficient size to be worn. I most likely will only finish this to see if the current size 20 Cebelia from DMC will work. What’s next after the 20, 10 I think, and that would make it too large no?

Some of the colors request will result in dyeing to complete. I promised myself to go three months without buying more thread online because of Honey’s pending foot operation. So that means a trip to pick up dye and beads. I saw a lanyard pattern on the Online tatting class that I thought I try out. I could say it will be one of the ‘modified/customized’ pieces. In the end I think I’m going to have to try and design some. I did not want to do this. I wanted something simple,quick, yet still elegant to put out and call it a day.

And here is a random picture of Honey and I at Gmom’s bash. Just in case you were wondering if Imoshen was really a real live person or a zombie robot…lol..


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  1. That is interesting - because I am planning a tatted rosary as well! I actually found special little "rosary centrepieces" at a Bead shop - with one loop at the bottom, and two at the top - I'm not sure whether I will use them, or just stick to all-thread!