Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dragons and treasures

I was working on another Me/Mine tatting piece when my other lovely child decided to get a closer look. My youngest is now 5 months and very interested in the world around her. She loves laying on her side watching me tat when we are in bed together. Well when I set this little dragon down to refill a shuttle, she quickly snatched it up off my lap table and began 'playing with it'. It only survived, partially mangled, because I gave her one of my safer rounded shuttles instead. I see a future tatter in the making. *giggles* I have to apologize I'm not able to add links to the websites of these wonderful designers. Blogger and Internet Explorer do not play nice together and I have to use my phone just to get my posts to publish. Other than this piece I did another row of the fan Sharon has patiently been waiting for. Note to self: From now on item being given away for contests should be finished before contests are announced and in duplicate in case the postal service does me dirty again. Another off tatting/postal rant. Being a premium member of has one neat little privilege that just tickles me. We get a pathtag. It's like a geocoin, a little medallion you can hang off your keychain or whatnot. Kertsi, the web forum owner sold some of these online and I snatched up a few to give as gifts. I kept two for myself. Long story short, I was offered a trade, my tag for your tag and I accepted. Now I'm hoping the postal service does me a kindness and the tags make their switch without any hoopla or mayhem. I have to design one for myself to offer to trade since making that one trade I've been hit with other people wanting to trade theirs as well. They aren't too expensive, about $2/coin although the starter kit runs $116 with shipping included. This is one hobby I can't get too caught up in, it'll add up too much too quickly. Although Honey wants to make a few of his own, LOL.


  1. the tags are very creative! I can see where collecting and trading would be terrific fun

  2. We can find the pattern of this lovely dragon and many other on Anne's homepage: