Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kids can be so creative

It seems like an innocent phrase doesn't it? My dyeing did not go as planned. My 3 year old son decided he wanted to 'help' mommy, so he grabbed a bottle of my dye and..well it's different. Here is one of the skeins he helped to decorate.
It was supposed to be different shades of black to
grey but some red got mixed in and somehow turned a purple-ish mauvey looking color. I'm going to tat up something just to see how the color played out. Maybe I should wait for natural light to show the real colors. My camera's flash keeps washing out the true colors. There was also a very large batch of what was supposed to be brown to light tan but that dye type needed heat treatment to set the color, which it didn't get and my helper went back to 'add' more to it. Thread colored is never a waste just odd so I'm going to have to prepare more for another dye attempt preferable when he is napping or spending the weekend at Grandmas. At least I have more balls of thread to work with and I didn't have to bite the cost of the thread. Then I had a thought, instead of winding the thread manually to just apply the dye directly to the ball and see what happens. I may just do that on a smaller ball.


  1. I absolutely love the way it came out!!! maybe you should let your creative young helper do ti more often!!! that is a color I would definitely use!

  2. You might be able to overdye also with a very intense dark color, like blue or red or purple.