Sunday, June 12, 2011

My, ME tatting piece. Now the magazine I pulled this from was foreign, italin I think. This is a bookmark. I haven't made any in past memory so I thought to take a break from the doilies I seem to gravitate to. I have two more rounds plus the tassel. It's made with Yarnplayer's Celery in size 80 and some Coats powder blue in size 70.


  1. has this as
    Variation by Sabina Carden-Madden
    ©Paradise Treasures, January 2002

  2. The designer is Sabina Carden-Madden and she also makes the pattern available in English at her this website:

    It is an enjoyable pattern to work. I used a size 20, but I like your size 80 better. Lovely.