Monday, June 6, 2011

No tatting to show or talk about. Between the children and my now recuperating Honey, I barely get a full nights rest. Can you believe I actually go to work to get a break? *laughing* I showed the current progress to my MIL and she was less than kind with her words. Lots of criticism but no ideas on improvement and then she just started ranting like a zealot. I know zealot is a harsh word, but still fitting. It kind of killed the tatting mood if you know what I mean... So now I'm fingering some thread wondering if the mood will strike. I do miss the clack clack of the shuttles singing to me. I think I'll tat something for me and then go back to the rosaries and the doilies...


  1. I can't wait to see your work- I'm sure it's lovely like all the things you do.

    Don't listen to the criticism!

  2. Hope your hubby recovers quickly. I have a coworker who had foot surgery this year and it's been a long recovery for her. It's a lot of work for you too, with a new baby and 2 other small children plus a job.

  3. ahhh, I feel bad she was less than atleast supportive, especially since you are taking on a stressful full plate right now.

    take care of your family and show your work when everyone is healthy and you aren't as busy :)

    brush off your MIL's nasty words with a cup of coffee, and your favorite additive, lol, be it Irish cream flavored creamer, or Irish cream from the locked cabinet, lol, take care of your sweetie, and your little sweetie, and keep smiling :X