Thursday, June 16, 2011

What have I been doing with myself? I wish I knew..
One thing is finishing the bookmark. Unblocked, since I wasn't sure if it would be necessary or not. One of the ladies at work asked after it and I'm hesitant to give it away. Why? Well no other reason than the fact that it is my first bookmark ever made. I like to collect my firsts so I can go back in time and see how I've improved or not when making certain items.
I don't like making tassels. So those are just long picots lock joined so they don't come undone and cut at the end. I've been putting off dyeing my thread because I just don't have the energy to prepare the thread. With the heat finally rolling in, I told myself, do it now! I miss color and since I can't buy other peoples lovely threads, I need to get my ball rolling. I'm hoping that new color means new enthusiasm for tatting. After the whole rosary ordeal, I'm still not quite feeling it. But it is wonderful therapy for those times at work when I must deal with the irate customer. Lately, it seems to be all I'm seeing, it must be the heat. It brings out the ugly in people's attitude.
I started to wind up my thread. This is size 30 no label thread. My mother gave me a bag of crochet balls and I decided to use that up. The only reason I know it's sizing is because I compared it to thread I already have. There's a few balls of 20 and I'm not messing with the 10. I also have some Cebelia 20 wound up already along with some Pearl 12. Pearl 12 to me is just the same as the size 30 only not as tightly wound.
I've also been working on Sharons fan. I'm so sorry my friend for the time delays. I am using Jane Eborall's technique of doing the blimpless join. OMG, I so love this! Now there's no little bit of white poking out of the black and vise versa. It's giving the doily a much more professional look to it. I'm so much more satisfied with the results so far. And I swear, when this is finished, so is me tatting with size 10 thread. It just does not play nice with my hands.
I need a vacation..too bad I can't take one until September..sigh..

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  1. Your bookmark is lovely, and I would definitely keep it. Firsts are special, and you could always make another for your coworker, if you like.