Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flowers, flowers everywhere

The current workings. The top is a Epoxy Shuttle pattern from Anne Burvold and is one designed for the Epoxy Shuttles being made by The Shuttle Shop . The bottom one is from Elizabeth's Lace. The top I made a while ago and ran that pin through it with the intention of putting it somewhere I can't miss seeing it. That way I'd finish the second motif and remember I need two more to send and have my shuttles finally made. I made the bottom one with size 80 thread and it measures to the exact extent of the sizes allowed right now for the shuttle blade. So now I have a physical reference point to compare the Green Knots that I already made. Unfortunately, it's too big. I do have some size 100 thread that I'm trying out and boy is it teeny tiny. This seems like a more logical choice for a motif that is Celtic in nature since the knots are not very thick even where they overlap one another. The only downside is tension. I keep breaking thread. What else have I been doing? This past weekend was spent house/dog sitting for the inlaws. I didn't get the chance to pack any shuttles since I wasn't aware we were even doing it until after the fact. I did have one shuttle with some size 12 pearl, so since Micheals Craft Store is only up the street and around the corner, I picked up another ball but no shuttles since they were out. And guess where my fingers took me... I started with just the bottom butterfly and ended up here. I couldn't help but laugh when I realized what I was making. I was thinking I'd work on the rosaries. And as for the current larger version I wanted to use up all of the thread I wound onto the Tatsy shuttles because I didn't want to keep having to reload them time and again. Here are some of the bits that go between the flowers and butterflies further into the fan. Also I managed to get one whole flower out of some loose thread I had in the box. After threatening to hide Honey's Xbox games if he didn't help me out, he sat down and help me decide which of the two colors to use for the butterflies. The variegated blue. He said it stood out enough to not look like the flowers. Good point Honey, you can have your games back. I do have more days off in the next coming weeks than I normally would get ( thanks to a scheduling glitch in the software at work) so no work interruptions to deter from my mission! Why did I think today was Monday? It's Wednesday..sheesh this week is going by too fast for me. I have to get started on my Pinata for the fair. I received the entry catalog today in the mail.

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