Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long vent, then whine but no cheese

We did my mother a favor and drove her, last minute, to the LAX so she could catch her flight. It seemed to be a doomed trip as soon as we arrived in the Los Angeles area. We got lost twice! I can't understand how it happen since it's a pretty simple and straight forward trip. Then on the way back..PoP! we blow a tire. It was shredded, which was a scary ordeal on it's own but this happened on a busy LA freeway where the most inconsiderate people are issued licenses. It was a miracle that we avoided hitting or getting hit. Then after talking with our insurance people and being assured that we would have no out of pocket expense and that all will be taken care of, they slap us in the face. First they give the tow truck people the wrong directions. Did I mention this happened at 1 AM and since it was last minute we had no sitter so our two little ones were with us? Silly me to leave that important detail out. Not to mention that since we are on a freeway with no markers we had no clue as to what city we where in. Then when the tow guys finally located us, they tell us they can't help us, we are out of their jurisdiction. Okay we call the insurance people again, since we waited an hour for a call back that never came. Once again we are assured no out of pocket expenses. A second tow truck shows up but can't tow us because the insurance people 'forgot' to tell them we had 2 small children with us and their cab was not set up for them to travel in it. But they can tow our van for us without us. Nope, we stayed with the van. The tow guys felt bad and returned with a spare tire( the little donut only good for X amount of miles) for us to use to get off the freeway and they would lead us to the shop where the tire is supposed to be replaced at. It is now 3 AM. The shop is supposed to be 24 hours, it's not. There are no hotels within sight and the spare had breathed its last breath. We were stuck. Now we spend 5 hours in a van waiting for the shop to open with no place to get food nearby either. I got no sleep since I was playing sentential so Honey could get rest enough to finish driving home. The shop finally opens and they fix the flat but there's a problem. The insurance company said we were 100% responsible for the bill. Turns out nothing was documented, so to them, it never happend. Now it wasn't a simple 2 or even a 5 call situation. We spent so much time talking with different people it had to be at least 10 and they're trying to feed me the BS that not one of them noted even speaking with us?! I snatched the phone out of Honey's hands and demanded the highest supervisor with the name and rank before they transferred me. We got fed alot of flowery apologies but they wouldn't help us. Fine, I told them to cancel ALL of my policies on the spot and I wanted confirmation emailed to me immediately, they just lost alot money from me. Not to mention all my family members that did business with them when I told them of what happened. I also told them to be specific as to why they were canceling and tell them how they treated us. You do not play games with a family that barely avoided a serious accident and had to spend the night in an unfamiliar city sleeping in their vehicle..ooops sorry it wasn't documented so we won't pay. The supervisor had the nerve to say we were better off actually getting hit instead of avoiding it and it would have all been taken care of. The tow, hotel arrangements, rental arrangements, if needed, even a gift card for us to get food with while we waited. But since no one was hurt, including the van, it's our problem. Not to point fingers(okay, I'm lying) about this blatant display of horrible customer service, but now I know why dinosaurs went extinct. Now we are safely within good hands. /end of rant now here's the whine.. I had two pair of shuttles fully loaded and tatted nothing. All that time and nothing to show for it. *sigh*


  1. wow, bad insurance company, with our insurance, if we blow a tire or (hubbie) locks his keys in the car (9, 10, 17 times) they have come out and fixed it for us and we didn't get charged. In fact, it was a hot summer afternoon and another couple did just that, locked their keys in the car on a back dirt road, they didn't speak English, we didn't speak Spanish, but we both knew barely enough to understand what happened, and we called our insurance, and they sent out a tow truck to help them out for us, and all that was charged was the man himself payed the toe truck 59 bucks for his services rendered, we owed nothing to our insurance for the service call. I love our insurance company, and think yours stunk bad...

  2. I'm just glad you're all safe! (Doesn't take away the feelings of being let down by your insurance company. What an awful situation.)

  3. I got chills reading this! Surely something can be done to remedy this situation. The news media likes these kinds of stories, and the insurance company might find themselves paying you after all. Really - something should be done. It's just outrageous!