Monday, July 18, 2011

Pinata incarnation take two

It would have made more sense to sketch it out first. The pinata, that is. Instead I jump in and just start tatting away because in my mind I already know how it's supposed to look like. Of course it hasn't turned out the way I hoped. The first draft was too busy. I looked to simplify. If I plan on making it a pattern, it has to be simplified. Make it too busy and people will lose interest. Less is more..blah, blah, blah. My mind is fighting with my fingers right now. Step 1. Remake the base. With it simplified like this I thought it would be less mind-numbing to do. Especially since you have to do four legs. Step 2. This is part of the foundation chain. Step 3. Now the problem was how many rings there should be. Since they will be cone shaped as you move further up, I started with 2DS rings adding more as I went up. I don't really know what I was thinking and it seemed like I added too many on this row because it cupped up bad. It did give me an idea on how to make the saddle part of it though. And I also know how to attach it so it works like a hinge so I can use it as a bank afterwards. Step 4. I decided to skip one of the smaller rings to use as more of the foundation. The two rings next to each other are supports for the 'frills' of the pinata and the smaller ones are where I will join further rings for the next row. By doing this, the bunching up is smoothing itself out. I like how it's starting to take shape. The picots on this are not very long, since this would be considered the last row next to the hooves of the donkey. As I go further up, I have the option of making the frills longer and I will definitely need to break out my picot gauges to keep it even. Since the legs are three different colors, I thought to make three or four rows of each color. It is so difficult to tat with my little Kat awake. And she only naps for 15 minutes or so at a time. I can't tat because she cries with some high pitched screaming when she doesn't have my undivided attention. I'm hoping Honey will be able to give a day to myself, although, he only holds her interest for a hour maximum and then starts crying for me again. I love that she loves being with me, I just wish I had a bit of time to accomplish other things with my day.

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  1. I'm quite fascinated by 3-D tatting, and I'm amazed how you're progressing on this donkey pinata! (Love the 'feet'!) It will definitely be unique and a guaranteed ribbon winner!

    I very much appreciated your pattern for the cute soccer ball, and hope to tat it soon. I want to try the balloon technique, and revamp my patterns for my 3-D eggs and balls, which (back in the '90s) I made in two pieces, then sewed together. I want to be able to do them as one piece.

    All of your work is impressive!