Thursday, July 14, 2011

Plans in the works for the county fair

I have a basic idea of how to begin the pinata. It's form will be of a donkey. It's the most common and easily recognizable piece as a pinata. There is also the traditional nine pointed ball but I was thinking that it might be confused for a snowflake and be mislabeled by the fair personal. Now the question is how big should it be? I was thinking of getting more Omega No.2 in a few more colors since they are so vibrant and pinatas are bright and very colorful. The nylon will also require less stiffening, but I'm hesitating because I'm not sure how much I'm going to need. Locally, there's only one place for me to get it, my local swapmeet. I could start in size 20 thread but that would require dyeing and I'm not really feeling up to it right now. Honey unfortunately is still recovering from his foot surgery and I promised not to buy any fancy threads until he can go back to work, in an attempt to save some money. Thread and dye I already have, it's just a matter of the doing. I'm kind of stuck of where to go, especially since Yarnplayer has some new bright colors. Ah temptation, you are evil. *giggles* Well let's work with what we have and see where that takes us. I may put up the pinata pattern up after all the fair hoopla ends and I sit and diagram everything. I absolutely must remember to take plenty of pictures of the process for reference. It's something new right? I don't think anyone out in Tatland has made a tatted pinata before. I'm also going to remake the 3D kitty I modified Jane's Teddy Bear pattern from. I entered it 3 or 4 years ago and it got wonderful input. This time around I'll make it with larger threads (I used to tat solely with 80 back then) to make it easier to see. I also have the two general tatted items to enter. It seems that in years I enter more people add to the tatting scene. The same thing happens when we go out to eat. The restaurant could be completely empty, we sit down and place our orders, next thing we know, the place is full. Time to go diagram and practice tat....

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