Friday, July 22, 2011


Honey, being the honest loving critic on my tatting, shared his words of wisdom. "It looks too complicated babe." He was right. What's so great about the classics? Simple clean lines. I guess I got caught up in the novelty that I forget the cardinal rule...Less is more. I went through my many files looking for inspiration to strike. It took a while. First things first. I needed a base. Make the donkey shape first, then I could simply add the long picoted chains later. So with that I'm off to try out a few basic shapes and see which one I end up with.


  1. I eagerly await the result. I tend to forget that maxim, too. How wonderful that you have someone to redirect you when you need it.

  2. So lucky that your husband is interested enough to even glance at your work :) Mine just says "whatever you think babe" & goes back to the TV lol