Thursday, August 4, 2011

3D pictures

Since my Kat won't allow me to tat right now I looked to see if there were any sites that could host my 3D pictures. I found a few and so far this one seems to have the best view without the glasses online. Another thing is that I can buy a 'toggle' picture so I can have a physical 3D picture. You remember those collector card for kids that when you move it left to right the image changes? Same concept but much better results. Now I realize it kind of looks like a animated gif a bit, but I love the idea behind it. Okay I'm not selling for them, just spreading the word. So if there's anyone else who has the ability to take these type of pictures, now you have an option of a online host for them. Plus it's free. Now I can take some pictures of my 3D tatting and have them host it! Yeah, just as soon as I make some more 3D tatting.


  1. Adorable picture!

    Very off topic... I use 5 layers of Mod Podge and 2 coats of acrylic sealer on my shuttles. Have fun!

  2. When you said '3D Pictures" I thought you meant 3-D Tatting pictures! Now I realize this is a real 3-D picture! And it 'moves'!!! I had no idea this was possible without glasses!
    Just amazing! (And what a cutie!)

    So when you DO show 3D Tatting Pictures, they will be "3D 3D- Tatting Pictures"!!! LOL!

    I can't believe this techno world we are living in! Thanks for this 'preview' of Future World!!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh shes a real heart melter, I look forward to seeing your 3d tatting.

  4. Such a Precious Little Darling! I always love to see what your tatting projects. Thay are all so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    {Ruth Ann Adams} *TEXAS*