Thursday, August 4, 2011

I apologize for the clarity or lack thereof

I was trying to empty a shuttle, so I tried to find one that wasn't full. Ah, the good ol' days when I had empty shuttles to spare, how I miss you. I found one and it had the thread my son helped me dye, so I went in search of the thread winder that held what was left of it. I tried different motifs, just to use it up mind you, but seeing how I still had a bit of thread left over I went in search of a larger project. The heart is Jon's Hearts Entwined pattern. I had a small bit of thread left over and I used Gina Butler's Heart String. A wonderful way to end it since the dimpled hearts pretty much lock themselves in so I was able to clip the thread close to the ring without having to hide ends. The cross is one of Terry Dunesbury's crosses. She seems to have pulled her blog offline so unfortunately I cannot link to her page. This is just the tatted version, she has a wonderful blinged out version that she made. I may just do that and bead it up, not sure if I want to invest that much time on it though, since the point was to empty the shuttle not make new projects. And the top little butterfly is Sharon's simple bookmark. I didn't realize I didn't have enough thread to make the tassel. Below are the clearest color pictures of the thread that I could get. I really need to get a new cable for my camera so I can charge the battery.
Edit: I added better quality pictures taken with my Nintendo 3DS gameboy. I wish I could find a way to host the 3D version of the pictures online since they do come out rather stunning.

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