Friday, August 12, 2011

I was so happy to find my new battery charger arrived in yesterday's mail. It included a portable adapter so I can charge it in the van and an extra battery. Score! Now I can take much better pictures. This weeks tatting consisted of edgings. My grandmother-in-law made a whole bed set out of some Elvis print material. She was looking for some rick-a-rack to edge the shams she made but couldn't find some so I offered to tat her up some. She wanted some different thread size choices so I started with size 10.
These are both from Anne Orr's collections. I um 'modified' it a teeny bit. The left is exactly as the directions say to make it. On the top version I thought it looked unplanned and crowded, so while technically the stitch count didn't change the picot placement did. Another example of how the slightest DS can and does make a difference of the finished product. As for the lower one the only changes were a stabilizing picot to the clover leaf. I made my picots too small and so that middle ring is now resting comfortably behind the clovers instead of besides them. This is a test run on another of the batches my son helped me to dye. It looks washed out Linkso I'm going to redye it. I have to dye some black in size 30 since I couldn't find it locally anyways. This is the start of the Tea Set pattern by Freedman. It should be a saucer and cup plus he has a pattern for a spoon to go with it. I thought it was so cute. I picked up some beads at Walmart for a doily I'm making. It was only $1.50 USDs and I couldn't believe what a deal it was. They are size 11/0 glass gold and I'm pretty sure it's enough for my project. The little kitty pendants I picked up from Micheals craft store months ago and I was thinking it was time to give them new purpose besides looking pretty in my gadgets drawer. Today is a trip to G.G's house and we'll see which sample she prefers for her set. I should probably take a few booklets to give her more options in case she doesn't fancy either one.

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