Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ideas, ideas, ....

I'm getting distracted again. I saw a blog post somewhere, about 2 or maybe 3 weeks ago about encasing some tatting in plastic and making pendants with it. *My memory is horrendous sometimes it's a miracle I remember my name* I do remember I followed the link through Gina's blog on the left sidebar.....Or at least it feels like that's how it happened. The point of this ramble? Well I was thinking of 'blinging' up some of my clovers as I've seen done by many people lately. And that got me thinking that someone made bling with tatting...*mind wandering again* And wouldn't that be nice to have a use for some of my smaller tatting bits? Make keychains or whatever out of it...googling a picture....Mahiru made some beautiful examples. I didn't post the picture since they are not mine but click on over and peep if you like. This isn't the blogger I found it on either, but nice to know others are trying it. If I do eventually do it, I'm thinking end of year-ish time frame here.


  1. Thanks for sharing the idea and the picture.

  2. I have clicked over and they look very unusual and something different for using up small piece of thread.

  3. I have also been wanting to encase some smaller tatted pieces in acrylic as keychains or pendants, but the epoxy resin thing seems so complicated! ( I do have some purchased acrylic paperweights that allow photos to be inserted, and I have tatting displayed in them, and the tatting can be removed.)

    The 'pendant' site is from the "Stitching 'n' Knitting"
    blog and is on the right side on Gina's (Tatting Goddess) blogroll. On their July 31 post they discuss the products they used. As I understand it, the tatting is not 'totally' encased, but it's a quick way to achieve a clever result.

    Those are nice examples on the link you provided us.

  4. Thanks to Kathy you have the site where the pendant was originally posted. Cute tiny shuttles there!