Monday, August 22, 2011

In control again

All is well again in my little bit of the world. Thank you everyone for your wonderfully kind thoughts and prayers on our behalf. My packages arrived the same day as the unfortunate events did. As you can see I already began using the newest supplies. I got Rootbeer Float, Coral, and Leafy Greens in size 40 Lizabeth thread. Although, I do feel it a bit disappointing with the shades of green on Leafy greens, but maybe I may change my mind when I actually tat with it. I also got Red Burst in size 80 and this ball of thread, I LOVE! I've just about used it up tatting up small crosses and butterflies that I gave away. Gorgeous colorplay on it. The book speaks for itself, and I did already have this book, my mind wasn't playing with me afterall. I had loaned it out to one of the girls I was teaching tatting to and forgot about it until she saw me with this new copy. *laughing* I also recieved another 5 card of Sew Mates shuttles off ebay. I've been watching for when they pop up since this is the only way I have to get them. I haven't nurtured them but I will soon, the points are too sharp for my preferences.I did get a couple of projects completed these past two weeks. First one is the small cross from Mary's book. I actually did half a dozen of them but I only kept the first one for myself. A simple straight foward pattern I can space out to. I placed it in plastic name badge holder. I don't know why I it never occurred to me that is a good way of storing smaller pieces. I had begun to decorate a scrapbook that was supposed to be for my tatting pieces, and now I have a wonderful way to add the actually tatting to the book without damaging it. Maybe this will be incentive enough to keep the wheels rolling on that project. I finished the first of three rows on the hanky! This was extremely tedious work and I'm happy it's done. Next time I will tat then attach later. I like the way it looks as it is but I must finish the pattern. I don't want to wonder "What would it have looked like if I did it all?" One side is longer than the other and I think it's the tension that caused this. It did work out to the same amount of groups on the two opposite sides so I think the pattern can still be worked.I found this flat shuttle while searching for the next balls of thread for the hanky. It was part of my Secret Santa exchange from Intatters this past year. I always wanted to try making a shrinky-dink one but was intimidated because it required oven use. I'm not safe in the kitchen so I stayed away from anything that required flame or heat to prepare. Microwavable stuff doesn't count. Thank You Honey for being a wonderful cook, we'd starve if we relied on my cooking skills to keep us alive.


  1. Ooh! Look at all those tatting goodies! I purposely have two copies of Tatting With Visual Patterns. I'm not sure why. I guess I just want to be sure that I still have a copy if I misplace one. : )

    Your hanky looks beautiful!

  2. Lovely cross from a great book, the thread looks gorgeous, I have this too and like all her books I love this one.

  3. I love MK's book: I received my copy not long ago, and I'm slowly working through it. Love the cross-haven't tried that yet but yours looks great!