Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not a thousand words but...

It seems that last round on the hanky will not be completed afterall. I went back and counted the spacing of the chains to make sure it will lay correctly and realized I needed two more chained sections on one side to make the corners work. Still, with just the two rows it looks good so I'm going to clip of the start of the third and call it a day with the hanky. Honey is busy steam cleaning the carpets, and the kids and I are ' supervising' on the other side. This is my 'tatting' time but the kids followed me and I think Honey just wanted to be where we are at and keep busy. I have only two projects on my to-do-list and I think I'll finish those. I didn't get my entry for the fair in on time so I have the entire year to work on the pinata. It does make me wonder if this year will be another 'quilt' year or if the other two tatters will enter again this year. No pictures today but seeing the progress Michelle has made using Frivole's Quatrain pattern is giving me an inclining to make a tablecloth for my table now. It's just a little mental itch, I most likely not do it since there are so many individual motifs to make to cover my table.

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  1. Wow, what a nice thing to say. School started so I haven't done anything this week but it was really nice to read your kind words. (Especially after a hectic first day of school)