Friday, September 2, 2011

It's close to midnight and I cannot sleep. I pass the time blog-hopping and doing random searches. Now a few weeks back I mentioned the tatting begin encased in resin. Well, I thought to expand on that idea so I went in search of tutorials of how to go about doing it. They all pretty much say the same thing, follow the manufacturer's directions on use. There was one site that was a craft forum that was a bit more descriptive. The issue I'm having is the mixing. I wanted something easy to do even when my mind was being scatterbrained. Then I found UV curing resin. There was basically only 2 different manufacturers of it so I went in comparing prices. OUCH! It can be very pricey. Finding some of the UV resin on my trusty and much used friend, Ebay, I went ahead and purchased a bottle. It should arrive by Wednesday of this coming week. Then I went to the manufacturer website and watched the tutorials she had listed. This one describes exactly what I want to do. Now I don't know how well this will hold up, not as long as using a 2 step epoxy, I would imagine. However it is a bit more cost efficient to at least try out. Can you imagine a keychain made with tatting similar to that pendant? This is a forum that shows how one person encased and wire wrapped their tatting. Another forum that shows a simple 10 step process of encasing some tatted butterflies. Now I can get molds to make this with here locally, so I didn't order those. Then my brain starting thinking, what if I wanted to make something larger than those average molds would hold? Simple solution, buy a bigger mold. Or rather make one with clay. I have some air-dry clay that I purchased for my son to make little monsters with, so why not make some molds with the left overs? I would have to remember to apply mold release to them before I thought of using them though, it's like adding Span to the pan before you bake that cake! Well, we'll see what tomorrow brings, seeing how it's Saturday and I for once, have to day off unrequested.


  1. I've been wanting to encase tatting in resin for some time, thinking I might make jewelery from them. I've even had the resin for a while, but could not find any bezels in my area, to act as a base. Your idea of using clay is a good one. I wonder, too, about something like plasticene for shaping a mold. But I haven't figured out how to remove them, whether or not the resin would attach to them permanently, or if waxed paper might work. Some thinking and gathering, but no experimenting yet. I'll be interested to see what you do.

  2. I am wonder how it will look, I await to see what you do with yours first.

  3. Suztats, I read that there is a mold release spray, called, Mold Release by Casting Crafts, that you can use to keep the resin from sticking to the molds.
    Margarets, I can hardly wait to play with it as well. Wednesday can't get here fast enough for me. ^_^