Monday, September 19, 2011

Magic Glos Pendants

I finished the first pendant and wire wrapped it. The one on the left shows the front side. And the right is the back side. It is flat on the back with more of the glitter showing than the rounded front side which shows the tatting more.


  1. These look great!

    As you know, I commented on your new 'resin blog' about these. I appreciate your sharing your expertise!

    By the way, I found the 'kitty' crochet video and pattern and already have it memorized. Crocheting it will be another story, although probably fun to do while watching TV! I just want to make little mats (table protectors) as Christmas gifts for my cat-loving friends and family members! Thanks for posting about it on your 'crochet blog'! (You're a busy and talented gal!)

  2. Very creative pendant! Looks great!!

  3. Very nice, it looks like a lot of fun!

  4. They look great, so different, and unusual. well done