Saturday, September 17, 2011

Okay now...

My little mold tray arrived today. So I made a mess with it. I didn't realize that I needed measuring cups for the EasyCast, glad I read the instructions first, so I left that for Monday. I basically get 2 days off in a row twice next week so I have time to play. It's official: I am not safe to be around glitter. No more adding glitter to my projects, hence the mess part. I wasted half a new bottle of the UV resin because of it. I'm currently working on only 2 pendants and assuming they come out right, I will be doing a giveaway with one or maybe both. Again depending on how they turn out. I worked out how to drill a small hole to add a jump ring. I'm also working on making a small mask for myself using some size 10 burgundy thread I found. Here's the teaser: I'm using Anne's Dragon..hehehe On a side note: I noticed that there are some random text highlighted and underlined. These little links lead to spam-ish ads. They are not my legit links to people so please don't be tempted to click them. I only link to other designer's/bloggers or to the shop I go to on Ebay(and ebay is rare). I'm trying to find a way to remove them, since they do annoy me to no small extent and if I wanted ads on my page, I would add them myself.

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  1. I haven't noticed any highlighted words or spam links - are you sure it's the blog and not something on your computer, like a BHO?