Thursday, September 8, 2011

Resin Tatting take 2

What's up with blogger? It is being very uncooperative lately. I took a trip to Joann's Fabric to pick up those mold trays and another bottle of the UV resin (just in case I get carried away), only to find out they no longer carry it in store. It is available online, but to make room for *cough* fabric *cough* they've done away with the whole section where this would have been found. Only mildly disappointing since Micheal's Craft Store is literally on the next block so I went there. They in turn had a section of Lisa Pavelka paraphernalia except the molding trays. The resin cost the same as what I paid on ebay if you take into account the shipping costs, so now I at least have a local connection for this resin. I also found the Easy Cast 2part epoxy there so if I ever feel like mixing or going harder, I have options. I did pick up a cool looking faceted pendant package thinking it was a mold, but nope, it was the actual pendants. Oh well another trip back to Micheal's tomorrow, I go. One of the workers there suggested I try a bead shop for my molds, but I think I'll just go online and buy them. I'll have fun making molds out of stuff around the house for now. Like for this little puppy, I'm using a bead cap to make the pendant. I wanted to get frisky a bit and added some glitter. Maybe I should have used less as the tatting is getting lost in the party. The pattern is Sherry Pence's aka Lady Shuttle Maker and the thread is some size 30 I dyed earlier this year, or maybe it was last year...(mind trailing away) I would have poured it into the bottom only that the inner ring would have left the tatting smushed. Honey likes this one so it's going to be turned into a key fob for him. He claims to know what happened to my Dremel tool, some sad and suspicious story connected to his brother and his weird hobbies. EDIT: Oops almost forgot, some of you had questions. Kathy, yes it is a one step resin. It comes already premixed in the bottle. StringyDogs, Love the name it makes me giggle just saying it, um, it did dry to hard plastic feel. Now it was a little gel-ish in the center, that was because it wasn't completely done curing. I left it exposed to sunlight for another hour (I forgot it was outside) and when I went to touch it, it was solid and hard. On the back I used sand paper to scratch it up. I'm not sure how resistant to day to day wear it is. I'll take it out for a week in the real world and see how it holds up. Thank you for all the thoughtful words. It's always nice to know I'm not talking to myself here. *laughing*


  1. This looks pretty cool! I like the shape, and the tatting looks great in there! Also love your thread and Sherry's treble clef! Very festive! I agree a little less glitter, would be better, but that's how one learns, by experimenting!

    I admire your determination to find all these products and again appreciate your sharing your research with us! And very clever to find items around the house for molds!!

    It IS frustrating when the stores change their inventory around! That's why I have so much craft 'stuff' around here. I'm always afraid they won't carry the items I want anymore.

    I laughed at the Dremmel tool story! Sounds mighty suspicious!!!

  2. I like the shape and the tatting pattern, the colours are fine too with the beads,

    I dont know why stores have to keep changing things and stop seeling what we want. its very frustrating.
    Anyway I like your ideas.

  3. I have found your last couple of posts interesting and admire your determination with this resin. A lovely way of showing off tatting and look forward to more creations using it.