Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You did WHAT?

I just couldn't help myself. I did have a 50% off coupon, that's the only reason why I gave in I suppose. I purchased a small box of the EasyCast 2 step epoxy, and I order a small multi-shaped mold. So now I can do a comparison on the two types of resin. But that project will have to wait a week or two. I'm working some over nighters this week and it's creating havoc with my internal clock. If I wasn't being compensated so well for those crazy hours I would have never agreed to do them. Can you say extra tatting supplies? Well my mind can! I most likely won't update again until this weekend, since that is when I will get a day to myself again.


  1. It's true... we'll do almost anything to keep ourselves in tatting supplies! I hope you're able to readjust your internal clock quickly.

  2. As you know, I continue to follow your resin/epoxy adventures! Somehow I knew you'd give the 2-part system a try! Glad you had a 50-percent off coupon! I appreciate all the research! I look forward to your opinion about it.

    I'm sorry you have to work that shift. That has to be difficult.