Saturday, October 15, 2011

One day to lift off

Today was spent visiting my Grandparents-in-law. Turns out the tatted edging I was making for G.G. was not the correct one. I was so embarrassed. She just laughed it off and pointed me back into the direction she really wanted. I was also embarrassed and more than a little peeved at Honey because turns out he forgot to send out the packages I asked to have done. I went back and sent two of them myself on Friday but Sharon, I'm adding some more to yours since you have waited so patiently for it. That however is still in the works and needs a few more days to complete. The little envelope is turning to a small box..*laughing* But here's a sneak preview: I was working on the Yes-U-Can doily but lost serious interest after doing two rings. It's the bare thread, it's hurting my tatting mojo. I do enjoy seeing how 3L is doing chains on hers. Sorry I shortened the name because I'm updating via mobile. There was also a beautiful colored one being done by Wanda. Maybe what I need is a change of color. Oh like the new one I recently acquired. No matter, it will have to wait until later this week. Tomorrow is the last minute packing and such for our Disney Halloween/birthday trip and I still need to find red fairy wings in my size and pick up some duct tape for Honey's Zombie costume, he was supposed to be Luigi from Mario Brothers to match our son since I'm matching the baby. Hence, his forgetfulness, he was distracted.

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  1. That's funny! I stopped that round after two rings because of the bare threads! Bare threads just don't cut it for me. I think color makes a huge difference. I look forward to seeing why changes you make!