Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Self evaluations

I learned a valuable lesson today. The Magic Thread trick does not work for me.DSCF2648

See that ugly loose ring? That is the result of the trick using Pearl 12 thread. I’m going to have to cut that ring area completely off.I used floss threaders for the Magic Trick. That’s too much sloppiness for me to leave. I don’t mean to sound conceited but when you are used to judging your own tatting you soon find a scale you will rate what is acceptable and what goes in the scrap bag. Which is where I pulled this from by the way. I’m looking for remnants to make little tatted baubles with. I have some mold making putty and am having a blast playing with it. I also have some of Heather’s Hummingbirds and Gina’s Hearts plus I’m making a couple dozen random motifs from some old time tatting magazines.

I also went into my local Micheals with the intention of picking up some dye. As I browsed the isle I decided that I wasn’t really feeling the whole thread dyeing vibe so I went in search on other things to use a 40% off coupon on. After much wandering about the store I settled on this:beads

It’s a lot of beads for not a lot of money. Funny thing is that I got a 50% off coupon when I was done paying for this. Now I think I can justify getting that storage caddy I was eyeballing. As long as they don’t put it on sale next week that is! *giggles* When I got home I had a lovely little package waiting for me.crimson grey

Yarnplayer has this gorgeous grey to red/fuchsia necklace as her avatar. She finally made a batch of thread using those colors. I had to snag at least one skein of it. I wish I could have picked up more but it seems like I keep buying supplies and not actually using them. I have to justify mentally my purchases. With my three packages safely on their way to their new homes, I find I need something to get my shuttles singing again. Then again there really isn’t much of a hurry since I do have time off starting the day after tomorrow. I suppose I’ll go work on the Yes-You-Can doily for a bit. I’m not too happy when working with thread spaces instead of chains but in keeping with the final design I’ll keep on with it.


  1. Oh, that's exactly what happened to me too. I learnt that lesson the hard way too!!! I did try it several times with several types of thread but when that end popped out I gave up!! The whole concept needs forward planning and that isn't in my nature!!!

  2. Your little flower looks lovely and we all do it, look at our work and then say whats wrong with it before anyone else sees it.

    Lovely beads and thread I know the feeling buying thread etc and then leaving it two one side before using it.