Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The first rose

This is a simple ring and chain pattern I had a diagram of. I don't have the designer info so if you recognize it,please let me know. I used Lizabeth size 40 in Coral and leafy greens, to make the rose bud. I'm sure everyone recognizes Anne's Dragon by now. Thread used is Crimson greys by Yarnplayer in size 80. I was beginning a spinner table mat by Jan but only got this far before I realized I wouldn't have enough thread to do a full mat. Now I have an ornament for my tree. It surprised me how big it turned out with the size 80.And finally we have the progress of the gingerbread house. I'm using Lizabeth 40 Rootbeer float. I'll have to search for the original printout, but I believe it's from the Online Tatting Class.

1 comment:

  1. The rose pattern is Ladytats' pattern- Jeanne Lugert.

    The cross is lovely too.