Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Tatting tea tuesday! I enjoyed a few cups of cinnamon tea and gave the Yes U Can doily from Intatters, another try. On the last one I attempted I noticed the rings with bare thread looked like sea foam. Loaded up a pair of SewMates with size 30 white and blue hand dyed thread by me. I only had one EZbob left with this thread and was hoping it will last. So far so good, the shuttle is still half full and now I'm on the final round! Even though I had to cut off a bit on this last round, I still found the previous round of medallions more tedious. It did take me a few trys to realize how to work the final round and after restarting now I'm wondering why it wasn't so clear the first time. It's so obvious to me in retrospect. I plan to graph my version of it out later on. I still have to hide all those ends. I left them for last because I was afraid that this would turn into a UFO otherwise. I lost my 2 smallest crochet hooks that I use for joins so I'm going to have to make a stop at Micheals craft store later this week. I WAS supposed to have surgery tomorrow but got the rescheduling call early this morning. I'm thinking of putting it off until the holiday season ends because I will be off my feet 6~8 weeks for recovery. Now is not the time to take time off in the retail world. I still am left with the rest of the week off so I need things to fill in the time. Hmmmmmm, whatever shall I do...*laughing*


  1. Wow, what a lovely Yes You Can doily-in-progress!

  2. Your doily is absolutely gorgeous!!! :)