Saturday, November 12, 2011

I killed my laptop. I had left my soda next to my computer, stepped away for a bit then knocked my soda onto it. I'm hoping to replace it on Black Friday. Now my phone is acting up. I'm just not safe around electronics right now. Turning back to my shuttles again. They have been sadly neglected with life's shinanigans. I did manage to print out some christmas patterns a few weeks ago so I have that and a few tatting books to work off of. First off is a motif that can be a snowflake but is actually the main motif to a table mat by Jan Stawasz. Then I made a couple of magnolias from are to resin encased. The first trials didnt pan out they way I hoped. Lastly we have the start of a gingerbread house ornament. I dont have the designer info next to me right now, my apologies for that.


  1. looks nice - I also like the camera affect..

    poor dear! I need a new phone too... and I don't mind if you want to send me one

    LOL j/k

    Glad to see you back at tatting

  2. That's a nice snowflake! Is that from Jan's book?