Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lazy days and 3Ts

Phew! This was one long weekend. I'm grateful for the time I did get since I seemed to have pissed off the wrong people. My political skills at work are very rusty, not having had to deal with such things much this year. As a direct result, I'm not getting much work. Mixed blessings there, since now I have time for my kids and crafts. Like this video I made of Ruth Perry's Tea Rose. My little Katalina snatched it right up as soon as I took that last frame. Those are her little fingers coming into focus. I made it for fellow Facebook tatters which led me to another Tea blossom at Paradise Treasures. I currently have 2 rose buds completed. Oh but wait! Frivole has a new snowflake pattern I want to try out. Let's see if Honey will be a dear and make me some Cinnamon tea...

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